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Files and how to manage them

Managing revisions


Sharebox is meant for sharing your project files — drawings and documents — with others by making sure they can access the files from a certain address.

Although you can always invite others to become users of your project (making communication transparent and more flexible), there might be cases where you only need to send a couple of files or you do not want to add someone to your project (e.g. he/she is not yet a signed partner on the project).

Once you’ve saved and shared your sharebox, you can no longer change its contents. This makes sure that both you and the recipient of files are working with the same information.

There are two options on how the share you sharebox: creating a public sharebox or sharing it o via personal email. This enables you to choose whether each recipient has its own unique address for accessing files or if the files are accessible from one address.

NB! All shareboxes created by a user are personal. This means that other Bauhub users (besides administrators) within the project can not see nor change shareboxes created by any other user.

Documents and forms

Using file approval

Signing files digitally