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Files and how to manage them

Managing revisions


Documents and forms

Using file approval

Select files
Open a file folder with files you want to send for approval. Select one or more files with checkboxes in front of the file(s). 
Repeat the process by selecting files from other folders if needed.
The number of files selected is shown in the lower menubar and the triangular icon displays the full list of files as well.

Start your approval process with files selected
Continue by clicking on the approval icon in the lower menubar whichs opens a sidepanel. You can once more see all your files selected and name your file approval process (e.g. "2nd floor changes", "Certificates" etc). 

To add an approver, insert his/her name or e-mail and select the approver from the dropdown. Approvers are placed in the same order as their are added, but you can change their order by grabbing the icon in front of their username and dragging into the order you want. Remove any approver with the icon at the end of the name record.

Click on "Start approval" to start the approval process.

Signing files digitally