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Files and how to manage them

Managing revisions

If you have several files waiting to be updated in your folder, you don't need to do it one-by-one. If you want to upload new versions to multiple files at once, click on „Upload“ from the top menu. To continue with the revisions, either drag&drop files under the „Revision“ section or click „choose file(s)“.

Once you have added your files, you will be presented with „Revision wizard“. The whole window is divided horizontally into two: files that are added as revisions and files that are uploaded as new files (as if you were simply uploading new files).

Bauhub has a built-in automatic filename recognition and matching system that assists users when adding revisions. This means, that Bauhub tries to automatically identify which files are named very similarly. As a result, you may first see that some of the files are selected in the upper section after uploading the new revisions and some of the files are in the lower section.

The upper section displays two separate columns: existing files (files that are already in Bauhub) and new revisions (that you just selected to be uploaded to Bauhub). If an existing file that is automatically provided is incorrect, then you can delete it by navigating to the file name and then searching for the correct file. If you have found the correct file then click on it and it will be added to the existing file column.

However, files displayed in the bottom section can also be uploaded as revisions. To do this, move the mouse to the corresponding file, grab it and drag it to the top section. Now you can find a suitable previous version in the left column. Once all the files have been successfully set, press the „Save“ button and the revisions of your choice will be uploaded.


Documents and forms

Using file approval

Signing files digitally